These M&Ms are all about ME

Most people don’t know that M&Ms have thier own site where you can customize the candy treats with messages, colors and even small pictures. Chocolate lovers are thrilled to receive these tailored treats that seems like those little, rotund M&M guys from the ads handcrafted them, in honor of their special occasion.

I have used this gift idea and so have many of my friends and family. One way I used the gift:  My mom was running for County Commissioner. I ordered blue and orange bags (her campaign colors) printed with “Vote McKeel” on each one. My family loved giving them out to voters so much, they ordered several more batches after receiving my gift.

Oh btw, she won. So, they sort of have a magical power. Sure Obama passed out the same thing.

Another example came from a close friend: Her fiancee had a childhood story that includes lots of tears for not recieving a full bag of M&Ms on his 5th birthday from his kindergarden teacher that he was expecting and dreaming about. As a gesture to right the wrongs of the teacher who didn’t not provide the coveted item in the past, my friend told the story at his last birthday party and handed him an entire bowl full of M&Ms that clearly stated “Joe’s M&Ms” so that he not only had an abundance of the candy, but he those babies were alllll his.

Whether you have a story that links you to M&Ms, or need a party favor, or have a chocolate loving friend, this gift is a perfect way to add a special touch. Oh, and to boot, the apparently melt in your mouth not in your hands? so there’s that too.

PersonalM&MsPicture 2 11-16-38

~ by amckeel55 on June 29, 2009.

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