Pimp your cheesecake

Do you remember the episode of friends where Chandler and Rachel licked the cheesecake off the floor it was so good? I have a sense this will be a cheesecake of that caliber. And here’s why:  Anything Cheesecakes lets you custom make it.

I am somewhat speechless about the amazingly, too-good-to-be-true choices but I’ll try and describe the experience with just a few of the insanely rad choices.  Here’s how it goes:

* Pick your crust from things like Almond Biscotti, Vienna Fingers, Hazelnuts or Oreos.
* Choose your filling and within the filling category you can pick from:

−    Candy (examples: Butterfinger, Reeces peanut butter cups, Snickers)
−    Cookies and Cakes (examples: cookie dough, streusel, Nutter Butter)
−    Flavors (examples: pistachio, mocha, vanilla bean)
−    Fruits, Nuts and Spreads (examples: pumpkin pie filling, pecan, Nutella)

    I am half hyperventilating; half thinking this may be the greatest day on earth. Oh, one more thing to knock your socks off, once you design your perfect concoction, it’ll arrive on your doorstep in 2 days (breathe, breathe). I need to lie down…


    ~ by amckeel55 on June 5, 2009.

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