Oh, the little blue box

Every girl gets giddy when she sees a little blue box and that white ribbon begging her to tear it open. Tiffany has launched a lot of great new items and they include affordable pieces (yeah, you read that right — affordable) as well as the out-of-reach stuff we all dream about shopping for some day (I usually keep my head down and high tail it to the back of the store in order to avoid seeing those amazing, all too expensive items).

But, as is a running theme on this blog, a girl can dream. Let’s not bag on the high end items just because we  can’t afford them right now (I’m certain my lotto win is right around the corner).

But, in order to satisfy the get-it-today need and as most of us aren’t Puff Daddy shopping for gifts,  I’m posting a lower end item that won’t put you in debt for life.

Both are beautiful pieces that would make any girl’s eyes perk up.

A modern, everyday ring

A modern, everyday ring

Go ahead and drool

Go ahead and drool

~ by amckeel55 on May 19, 2009.

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