Gifts for Junkies

It’s best if it’s a drawer that jerks, gets stuck every 2 cm, and is almost impossible to pull open without spraining your wrist just a bit. That way you lessen the chances of any friend/houseguest/family member/cleaning lady seeing what we all shamefully keep stashed away: the junk drawer.

Even the most perfectly curated junk drawer a la Organized Living doesn’t seek to be seen in broad daylight. So, I find this gift so intriguing because it not only embraces the fact that we all have junk drawers, it displays our junk with style and will all turn any room into a well designed “work space” vs that room with the janky drawer that you pray no one can open.

Don’t worry, I’ll start — “I’m Amanda and I have a junk drawer.” Okay, go…


Replica of German-designer Dorothee Becker's original 1960's version

~ by amckeel55 on May 18, 2009.

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