Food is the way to my heart

Last night, I was thinking about some of the best gifts I’ve ever received. I was contemplating this while eating bruschetta (one of my favorite take out items) from one of my favorite restaurants, 17th st. cafe

And I remembered my friends Matt and Gemma. They rock and here’s why:

They always give me gifts that are unique to me, making me feel super special. One example? They gave me a cute dish that was the PERFECT size for the above favorite take out dish. And to boot, taped to it was a gift certificate to the above favorite restaurant. I’ll always remember that gift because it was something that only I would appreciate as much as I did and still do.

Here’s a very cute sushi platter that I found last night while perusing dishware and thought I would post along with the idea. It can fit any friend — just find the perfect platter for their favorite food and perfect gift card or recipe and voila, you’ve made a friend feel very special.

And these thoughtful friends, Matt and Gemma are about to be parents. How lucky is this kid going to be?


~ by amckeel55 on May 18, 2009.

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