The only part I like is saying the name “Jaba Da Hut”

I consider myself very lucky to have a super cute boyfriend who makes gift giving for boys easy since he is of the “just gay enough” male species. More gift ideas in that category to come…

But let’s rip the band-aid and talk about the men who “don’t need anything.” While personally I  completely reject this notion, I also happen to have one brother and one dad who fit this description. What to buy these men who allegedly “don’t need anything”? Queue the danta, danta, da music from Star Wars — it’s the only suitable soundtrack to tackle this category.

Ladies, is your yoda (need translation? yoda is just a wrinklier, shorter, less articulate Tim Gunn).

Exhibit A

The Subject: The aforementioned cute boyfriend has an 18 yr old nephew who loves science, Halo and Chuck Norris jokes.

The Challenge: His Birthday. He needs “nothing.”

Josh (via uncrate): Yeah, you do….a pen that doubles as a self defense weapon for the military. For the record, I am only the messenger

While I can’t understand why you would spend $90 bucks on this vs. let’s say….on the AWARD WINNING DRESS OF THE YEAR from Kate Moss (the EXACT same price), I am the girl who also still doesn’t understand the Galatic Empire: I’m supposed to buy off on 6 movies  (out of order, nonetheless)  about a place “far, far away”? Could you be more vague? How far is far? How do I get there? Why would anyone travel there?

I could go on and on.You just go to May the force be with you (translation? Make it work).

~ by amckeel55 on May 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “The only part I like is saying the name “Jaba Da Hut””

  1. Okay, this blog is going to be seriously dangerous for me – I just wandered onto to have a look around and ended up ordering a cast iron skillet. My intent was to give it as a gift to a friend who I happen to know does not already have one, but I’m starting to think it will make a perfect receptacle for the seasoned French sea salt!

    • Well, of course! And we all deserve a few gifts to ourselves. I mean, even under the best of intentions, I usually go with a “one gift for you, one for me” strategy on all these sites:)

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