Hi Heaven. Nice to meet you.

Nation Tee

Nation Tee

I love the store Intermix. I love a woman who works there named Amanda. Here’s why….

You’re in Intermix shopping. You’re loving all the items you’re picking out. You’re sure Rachel Zoe would categorize you as “shutting it down” if she saw you walking down Robertson in these clothes. Amanda comes up, she gets you a fitting room and asks how she can help. She takes note of what you’ve picked out so far, without judgment, but gently starts steering the fashion bus without you even knowing. Here’s how it goes down:

Amanda: “You know we have those shorts in black and they’d be great on you, one size down”

Me (also Amanda, cute): ” Oh, very sweet but I think the pink ones are cute and sure this is my size” (Mind thinking: while trying on shorts lacks the deep pain of trying on a bikini, I would rather not put on ass tight shorts and remind myself how much I hate my thighs. This Amanda girl is trying to harm me. I won’t have it.)

Amanda: “You know what, I’ll throw them in the room with a couple other things and just see what you think.”

Me: “Thanks. You’re so sweet.” (Mind: you’re such a bitch.)

Turns out, the pink shorts were heinous and the black shorts were perfect and made me feel cute and a size smaller than my actual size. She also suggested a jumper that I want live my entire life wearing, as well as two perfect tops. One of which is this Nation tee, that I’m not sure how I ever lived without.

Which leads me to today’s gift recommendation…I see that Intermix now makes this tee in two additional colors (originally it only came in white). It’s adorable with different color tanks underneath and soft as an angel face. It’s worth buying for any girl who wants to live in complete coziness, all the while, looking effortlessly so hip.

Well played, Amanda, well played.

~ by amckeel55 on May 3, 2009.

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